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Open Access

Find out what "Open Access" is, why it's important, and where you can find open access journals, books and resources.

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Science and Medicine

Humanities & Social Sciences

Delayed OA Journals

Many commercial publishers will charge authors a fee to publish under open access in their journals.  Some of these are:  Cambridge University Press, De Gruyter, IEEE, Nature, Oxford University Press, Sage Publishing, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley-Blackwell.  Other publishers allow articles to become open access after an embargo period. 

ODU Journals

ODU Digital Commons, our institutional repository, offers a platform for open access journal publishing. The following (platinum open access) journals are currently available:

Green Humanities: A Journal of Ecological Thought in Literature, Philosophy & the Arts aims to place the humanities on the frontlines not only of cutting edge eco-criticism, but also of the environmental debates that will shape and determine our very world.

Journal of Sociotechnical Critique supports theoretically-engaged critical, public, and activist work at the intersections of philosophy of technology, internet studies, communications theory, library and information science, environmental ethics, and related fields. Editor:  Dylan Wittkower, Department of Philosophy.

OUR Journal (Old Dominion University Undergraduate Research Journal) is an open access journal published by the Honors College.

Virginia Journal of Science - Published since 1950, the Virginia Journal of Science is an academic, peer-reviewed publication focused on all areas of science affecting the state of Virginia. Editor: Christopher Osgood, Department of Biological Sciences.

Learn more about publishing a journal through ODU Digital Commons.  Contact Karen Vaughan

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