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Faculty & Graduate Students

Research Carrels for Faculty and Graduate Students

Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19 and to best align with the University's health and safety practices,  we will not be assigning new carrels to faculty and graduate students for the fall 2020 semester.


Research carrel applications or requests for renewal of carrel assignments may be submitted by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Should requests exceed the quantity of available carrels, assignments will be made from a waiting list as vacancies occur on a first-come, first-served basis.

Carrels will be assigned to those ODU faculty members and graduate students with demonstrated need to use library resources for a given research or writing project, on-campus sabbatical project, doctoral dissertation, or master's thesis. Due to limited availability, carrels are normally shared by two people and should not be used as a substitute for normal office or study spaces. Carrels are NOT to be used for individual tutoring.

New and renewal requests will be considered on an equal basis. Renewal requests for carrels should be filled out promptly. Two people will be assigned to each carrel as necessary. Carrels are available for use during the regular hours of library operation.

One key will be assigned to each individual, with the understanding that it is not to be loaned to others or to be duplicated under any circumstances. Lost keys should be reported immediately to staff at the Learning Commons desk or to the External Patron Services and Operations Support Specialist to inform them of the lost key. Once a replacement key is created, the individual will be responsible for paying any associated fees.

For vacated carrels, re-assignment will be made from the waiting list. If an assigned carrel is not used and there are names on the waiting list, the faculty member or graduate student will be asked to vacate the carrel and return the key.



  • Charge out Library materials at the Learning Commons Help Desk if materials are kept in the carrel.
  • Remove all personal be­longings and return the key by the end of the semester, if not renewing carrel.
  • Use approved spill-proof containers for drinks in carrels. 
  • Respect the privacy and quiet of other carrel users.


  • Have library-owned periodicals, newspapers, indexes or reference materials kept in the carrel.
  • Eat or smoke in carrel.
  • Have small appliances such as heating and cooling units, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots, etc. in carrel.
  • Leave any personal belongings in carrel.  The Library is not responsible if a loss occurs.
  • Use the carrels for tutoring.

If you agree to the policies for use of research carrels and would like to fill out the application for a new carrel or request renewal, use the Research Carrel Request Form