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ODU and EVMS Library Integration FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the integration of EVMS Brickell Medical Sciences Library and Old Dominion University Libraries

Information for Libraries Staff

What’s happening with Brickell librarians after the integration? 

Brickell librarians will become Administrative & Professional Faculty at ODU, effective July 1. They will be assigned librarian ranks (Librarian I-IV) which will also be effective July 1.

How will Brickell librarians be assigned their new AP Faculty ranks? 

We are following a process for AP Faculty rank at appointment based on the ODU Libraries current practice with some slight modifications designed with EVMS leadership, integration leadership, and the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.  

What’s happening with Brickell staff after the integration? 

Brickell staff will become Virginia Classified Staff at ODU, effective July 1. They will receive access to all the benefits and privileges entitled to ODU Classified Staff.

To whom will Brickell staff and librarians report? 

Brickell staff will retain their current supervisors and reporting structures. See attached Org Chart for details.

The Director of Brickell Medical Sciences Library will report to the Dean of Libraries effective July 1. The Director will continue to provide executive leadership, vision, and oversight for operations of Brickell. Additionally, the director will formally join the ODU Libraries Management Team.

Will Brickell be a branch library? 

Brickell Medical Sciences Library and its staff and librarians will be considered a part of the ODU Libraries organization, but we will not be referring to it as a “branch library.” Branch libraries for Art and Music currently fall under the direction of the Head of Learning Commons and Branch Libraries, while Brickell will continue to report to the Director of Brickell Medical Sciences Library.

Will Brickell staff and librarians join ODU Libraries committees and teams? 

Yes! Membership on all relevant committees will be open to Brickell personnel, and we will work to ensure their representation on certain committees where it will be essential (e.g., Collection Development Team, Springshare Advisory Team, Alma Primo Team, Web Advisory Team.) Where necessary, we will update committee/team charges to ensure appropriate scope of work and membership representation.

How will the budget for the combined libraries work?

This is an area where we are still awaiting clarification from Integration Leadership. We will update this item as soon as possible.

Will anything (or anyone) be moving to Brickell from ODU (or vice versa)? 

No. At this time, there are no plans to relocate any personnel, services, technology, collections, etc. 

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