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Special Collections & Archives Research Guide

Learn how to access, use and experiment with primary resources in the learning laboratory!

Making an Appointment

We are offering in-person visits and virtual research appointments Monday through Thursday between 10:00am – 4:00pm.

To make an appointment please fill out and submit our Appointment Request Form. We require two business days’ notice.

As part of our commitment to access, we have digitized and made some of our most heavily used collections available online in our Digital Collections.

Preparing for your Appointment

  • It is important that you wash your hands before your appointment. Hand sanitizer may not be used before the appointment. There is a hand sanitizer station outside of the Reading Room that can be used after your appointment.
  • The front door of the Reading Room will be locked; staff will unlock the door for you once you arrive.
  • You will be asked to place your personal items (including bags and outerwear) in a secure locker. Lockers will be cleaned before and after each appointment. 
  • Requested boxes and items will be gathered by staff before your appointment. You must tell Library staff in advance which specific archival boxes, rare books, or artifacts you will need for your appointment. 
  • You will be provided an individual “Research Kit” containing the items and forms you will need during your appointment
  • Be sure to bring a camera, smart phone, or other electronic device with a camera  to take pictures of materials
  • If staff are required to leave the Reading Room for any reason, you will be instructed to wait outside the department
  • Staff will clean and disinfect the designated research desk before and after your appointment
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