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ODU Libraries Strategic Plan, 2023-2028

Learn about the Libraries' 5-year plan and our related accomplishments!

Key Performance Indicators

For each Goal and Strategy in the new Strategic Plan, the Libraries created Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify the assessment measures and other details related to that item. The document below includes all 27 of the KPIs. On each KPI you will find:

Libraries Strategic Plan Focus Area, Goal, and Strategy numbers

ODU Strategic Goal: The ODU Strategic Plan goal or goals which the initiative supports

Baseline: What is the starting point for this initiative? What data do the Libraries already have that we might use to assess our progress? Brand new initiatives for which we have no baseline are marked "N/A"

Targets: What are the tangible results we'll need to see in order to consider this initiative a success? Where possible, we have provided specific, numerical goals (e.g., a percentage increase in some activity or in an assessment score) as targets.

Responsible Parties: Which individuals, departments, teams, or committees will be accountable for ensuring progress on this initiative?

Budget: Estimated on a scale from $ to $$$$

  • n/a = no cost 

  • $ = <$20,000 

  • $$ = $20,000-$100,000 

  • $$$ = $100,000-$250,000 

  • $$$$ = >$250,000

Timeline: What activities will be undertaken in each of the five years covered by the Plan?

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