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ODU Libraries Strategic Plan, 2023-2028

Learn about the Libraries' 5-year plan and our related accomplishments!

Our Core Purpose

The ODU Libraries exist to inspire and empower the ODU Community to learn, grow, and create 

Our Vision

The Old Dominion University Libraries will be an innovative leader among Virginia academic libraries.

Our Core Values

  • Access 

We believe that the Libraries should provide free and equal access to information for all people of the ODU community. All information resources provided by the Libraries should be readily and equitably accessible to all library users.*

  • Equity of Opportunity 

We believe in the fundamental right and ability of every person to learn and to transform themselves and their communities by learning. 

  • Continuous Growth 

We believe in inspiring engaged learning among users and staff through the ongoing development of knowledge and by applying our expertise to the continuous improvement of resources, services, and spaces. 

  • Collaboration 

We believe in being active agents and collaborators in the educational, research, and community engagement mission of the institution. We build relationships and work together toward shared goals that align with our Core Purpose and Values.


* Adapted from the American Library Association, Core Values of Librarianship, Adopted January 2019. 

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