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EndNote Help & Installation

EndNote Online: a Web version of the EndNote desktop program

Benefits to EndNote Web are:

  • access to your library from any computer
  • share your library with others
  • transfer references between EndNote Online and EndNote desktop version

NOTE:  Depending on how your computer is set up, you may need to "temporarily allow scripted windows" at top.

EndNote Basic/Online Quick Reference Guide (PDF – Links to an external source and may not be accessible)

EndNote Online Help

1. Create an Account

1. Connect to from a computer on the ODU campus/network.

If you're off campus, use this link: (authenticated).

2. Click Sign-up for an account; complete the requested information; agree to the terms.

Note: Your account is active for 12 months. To keep your account active you must login within a 12-month period.

2. Create Groups

"Groups" are like folders for your references.  You can create different groups for different classes/assignments.

  1. Click "Organize / Manage My Groups"
  2. Click "New Group" in My Groups table -- then name the group
  3. Click “My References” to see your group/s

Share your group:

In EndNote Web you can share your references with other EndNote Web users. Groups that other users have shared with you will appear under Others' Groups.

  1. Click "Organize / Manage My Groups"
  2. Check the "Share" box beside the group you wish to share -- then click "Manage Sharing"
  3. On the next screen, click "Start sharing this group."
  4. Enter the appropriate email addresses (should be
  5. Select "Read & Write" if you want all members to be able to add references (Note:  they can also delete references)
  6. Click "Apply"

To rename or delete a group:  go to "Organize / Manage My Groups"

To add references to a group:  go to "My References," select your reference, then "Add to group".

NOTE: When sharing references with a group, the group will not have access to attachments. To access the attachments, you will need to sync the EndNote Online references with the desktop version.

3. Enter a reference manually

  1. Click on "Collect / New Reference"
  2. Choose the appropriate "Reference Type" from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter all the necessary information (and as much more as you like)
  4. Place your reference into a group:  at the bottom of the page, click the arrow beside "Groups"
  5. Your reference should be saved automatically.  If not, click "Save"

To edit a reference:

  1. Click "My References" -- then click on the reference title you wish to edit
  2. Click in the appropriate field and edit -- "Save"

4. Enter a reference from a library catalog

From within EndNote Web, you can search freely available library catalogs to add book references to your library.  This is best if you're searching for a specific book or author -- searching a broad keyword can give you too many results.  Also, the Library of Congress is a good catalog to use (rather than the ODU Catalog).

  1. Click "Collect / Online Search"
  2. optional:  Click "Select Favorites" to create a list of the databases you will return to -- Click on the "Library of Congress" link and "Copy to Favorites" -- It should now be available from the dropdown menu in Step 1 to the left.
  3. Select "Library of Congress" from the dropdown menu in Step 1.  Then, "Connect"
  4. Fill in the appropriate search boxes (e.g., sitton, tom as an author) -- it is best to click "select a range of records to retrieve" just in case you get too many -- click "Search"
  5. Then, "Retrieve" -- your references will be listed (but are not saved yet)
  6. Check the box for the record/s you wish to save (or, select ALL)
  7. Add your records to a group (or "unfiled") or create a "New Group"

5. Export references from library databases

To add references from library databases to your EndNote Web library, you will need to begin with the library's website. 

  1. Select a database
  2. Perform your search
  3. Select/mark desired references -- save to a folder if available

Some databases (EBSCOhost) will have a specific option for exporting references to EndNote Web. Use this option, and then find your references in EndNote Web under "My References / Unfiled"

Other databases will require you to save/download/export references to an RIS or TXT file.  Once you have this file saved, go back to EndNote Web.

  1. Click "Collect / Iimport References"
  2. Under "File," "Browse" to find your saved file, then "Open"
  3. Under "Import Option," select the option for the database you searched
  4. Under "To," select the group in which to place the reference/s, then "Import"

6. Format your bibliography

  1. Click "Format / Bibliography"
  2. Under "References" select the appropriate group
  3. Under "Bibliographic style" select the appropriate style -- use the "Select Favorites" option for efficiency
  4. Under "File format" select RTF (rich text file) -- best for MSWord
  5. Click "Save" and then Open with Microsoft Word.
  6. Or, click "Preview & Print" and then Copy and Paste the list of references into your document.

Remember to always proofread your references for accuracy!

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