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EndNote Installation & Help

Synchronize Desktop with Web libraries

In EndNote, you can automatically "sync" your desktop and web libraries so that all the references, attachments, and groups in one can be accessed from the other.

Use the sync icon    and follow instructions.

Transfer between EndNote and EndNote Web -- X5 and earlier

To transfer references from EndNote Web to your desktop EndNote or vice-versa, you need to use your desktop EndNote. 

  1. Open the EndNote program
  2. Open your library
  3. On the left column, under "EndNote Web," click "configure..." -- enter your email address and endnote Web password in the spaces provided, then click "Apply" and "OK" -- this a one-time configuration
  4. On the left column, under "EndNote Web," click "transfer..." 
  5. You will see a box similar to the one below

6. You can either transfer from Web to Desktop (and specify allow duplicates or not) or from Desktop to Web (showing references, all references in library, or all references in a group).  Click "Transfer"

NOTE:  You may transfer up to 5000 Kilobytes of data at once.