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EndNote Help & Installation

What is Cite While You Write?

CWYW allows you to incorporate references from your EndNote library directly into a WORD document as in-text citations and as footnotes.

When you install EndNote onto your computer that already has WORD, a tab will be created in Word that works with EndNote.

Note: To use Word with EndNote Online, you'll need to install a plugin.

Cite While You Write

Insert references into Microsoft Word documents

Open both Word and your EndNote library. Be sure the appropriate “Output Style” is selected. 

In your Word document:

  1. Place the cursor after the sentence/quote you wish to cite.
  2. Click on the EndNote Tab in the menu at the top of your Word screen.
  3. Click "Insert" and follow the prompts

In EndNote:

  1. Highlight the desired reference/s.
  2. Click on Tools in the top menu, then follow the steps in the image below.    


To Delete/Edit a citation in Word

Remember, do not use the delete key or backspace key. 

  1. In Word, highlight the citation you wish to delete/edit.
  2. In EndNote tab, at left click “Edit & manage citation(s).”  
  • To remove the citation highlighted, use the "Edit Reference" dropdown arrow, “Remove,” “OK.” 
  • To edit, enter information to add (year, pages, etc.) > “OK.”
  • To add page numbers to an in-text citation, click within the in-text citation, and use the “Edit & manage citation(s)” option on the EN toolbar.  Enter your page/s in the “Pages” field.. Then, OK.

To Format your bibliography:

  • In Word, at top EndNote Style box, click on bottom right corner arrow.


In the Configure  Bibliography box, make changes to Output Style as needed.

In the “Layout” tab, select fonts, etc.  Add a bibliography title as needed (Works Cited or References etc); click “OK.”






Note: If you are using Turabian or Chicago style and wish to use footnotes and references, select the appropriate output style.

  1. In Word, at the point you’re ready to enter a footnote, select “References” then  “Insert Footnote.” The cursor will take you to the bottom of the page where your footnote will be inserted.
  2. At this point, click the “EndNote X6” tab at the top toolbar.
  3. Click “EN Go to EndNote” at left. 

In EndNote:

  1. Highlight the citation you wish to insert, then use the Insert icon.
  2. If you want to add page numbers, highlight the footnote citation, click “Edit & manage citation(s)” in the EndNote box on the left.  Type in page number/s then click OK


Before sending your WORD Document...

It is usually a good idea to create a copy of your document without the EndNote formatting before sending it to someone else. They won't be able to edit or delete your EndNote references from your paper.

  • In Word, click the EndNoteX# tab
  • In the Bibliography section, click the “Convert Citations and Bibliography” dropdown arrow
  • Select “Convert to Plain Text” -- be sure to save a copy of the original EndNote-formatted version
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