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EndNote Help & Installation

Create a Bibliography

To simply copy references from your library into a bibliography:

1. Select the appropriate output style for your bibliography. (See the Output Style section of this guide.)

2. Highlight the references you wish to use in your bibliography.

3. Right-click your mouse and select “Copy formatted”

4. Then  paste that text into a Word document.

To format your paper with footnotes and bibliography, try “Cite While You Write.”

Save a Library

Save your library

Your references are automatically saved in your .enl file. An associated .Data directory is also saved. 

The .Data folder is a proprietary folder that houses information from your library. The .ENL file is an interface that pulls information from the .Data file and creates the interactive library you see. Without the .ENL file, you will not be able to read the information in the .Data file. Without the .Data file, the .ENL file will not be able to pull information for you to read.

Create a copy of your library
  1. With a library open, choose Save a Copy from the File menu.
  2. Name the new library and choose where to save it.

Click Save and EndNote creates a copy of the library and the .DATA directory.

The new library does not open, it is simply saved to disk, where you can then open it with EndNote. EndNote leaves your original library open as it was before the command was chosen. Note: The Save a Copy command also creates a [library name].DATA folder for the new library and copies all necessary files and images to it.

Back-up/Create a Compressed Library

If you need to send your library to someone, or you need a more permanent backup, it's best to create a Compressed library which will contain both the .enl file and the .DATA directory. Under the FILE menu, select "Compressed Library (.enlx)..." to create a file that includes both the .enl file and the .DATA directory.

Import a Library

You may wish to import an existing EndNote library for several reasons, two of which are:

  • you want to merge references from a separate library
  • you want to use someone else's library

To do this:

1) Compress your Library (see "Save a Library" above)

2) Open the "Compressed Library (.enlx)" as a new library on your computer.

3) In another EndNote library (that you saved as a backup), under FILE, click IMPORT, then File.

4) Choose the .enl file, and Open.

5) Select EndNote Library as your Import Option, then Import.

Importing an existing bibliography to EndNote:

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. You can try using  a too called Wizfolio developed by University of Missouri.

Endnote Click

Endnote Click (formerly Kopernio) is a free browser plug-in that helps you find PDFs of articles as you browse. 

Click works behind the scenes to search open databases and, when possible, ODU's library subscriptions to find a PDF for you.



Output Styles

APA 7th – American Psychological Association 7th Edition

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